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Collecting Semen at Apiam Genetic Services

Semen Processing

Apiam Genetic Services has two Semen Processing Centres, located in Armidale and Dubbo in New South Wales.

With access to some of Australia’s best genetics, Apiam Genetic Services provides a complete semen service including collection, storage, dispatch and sales. Of course, we also organise the semen for your AI or ET programs.

Semen is processed into single dose straws. Semen can be exported after processing into single dose straws. These are a superior product.

Apiam Genetic Services provides semen storage and distribution. Semen collected at AllStock is processed and stored in accordance with the standards and code of practice of the Australian Association of Artificial Breeders. We are also up to date with all protocols in relation to export semen for various countries.

Semen Quality

All semen collected at an Apiam Genetic Services centre is rigorously tested to meet our strict standards before being issued with an Apiam Genetic Services Semen Quality Certificate. Semen from the ram would meet the following specifications:

  • Semen Quality Guarantee A qualified Apiam Genetic Services semen analyser will have tested three individual doses per ejaculate and all will have exceeded the AETS standards.
  • Sperm Concentration Every individual ejaculate will have had a concentration assessment performed using a Metertech 6 Photometer. Hence, each straw dose is guaranteed to have in excess of 25 million sperm.
  • Health Testing While under our care, the ram was tested for the following diseases with negative results;
  1. Brucella Ovis. CFT blood test negative
  2. Brucella Ovis. Semen test negative
  3. Actinobacillus seminis Semen test negative

Semen Storage The semen is stored in individual locations and is tracked and monitored using Apiam Genetic Services’s exclusive storage software. Storage tanks are regularly tested to ensure your genetics are in the safest possible hands

Ram Preparation



  • Check the testes for lumps and abnormalities. They should feel firm and springy.
  • Check the horns for flystrike
  • Make sure your rams vaccination/drenching schedule is up to date
  • Rams in a body score 3 or 4 condition are great for entry. For rams in a score 1 to 2 condition, supplementary feeding of Lupins at 500g/day is recommended for the 8 weeks leading to entry
    Shear ram if required or trim around pizzle. (A ram should arrive with a MAXIMUM of 10 months wool growth)
  • Train your ram THREE weeks before they are due to arrive.
  • Familiarise your ram with human contact
  • Paddock fed rams that are trained to eat from feed troughs will be better prepared
  • Expose your ram to a shed environment
  • Foot pare your ram
  • General activity around your ram will prepare them for the daily routine in the Apiam Genetic Services Semen Processing Centre. Rams that are accustomed to these procedures will begin collecting sooner and have lower levels of production loss, if any.