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Farrer On Property Ram Sale - Apiam Genetic Services

Farrer Ram Sale

Farrer On Property Ram Sale

Farrer are once again holding their On Property ram sale.  The Farrer School has been a client of Allstock New South Wales over 15 years.  They consistently achieve excellent artificial breeding results and we enjoy engaging with their students in a learning capacity each year.

Farrer’s sale ram 140188 from last years sale has been used across Australia with 28 stud expecting progeny in 2016.  Once again we have collected semen from their rams 2016 and whilst they had a short stay with us the weight gain per day was 650 grams per day.

The school has also supplied our teasers for the 2016 collection season which have been well received by all rams !  They are also eating us out of house and home. Click on their Farrer Semen Flyer which has pictures of some of their sale rams or Ram Sale Catalogue for further details.