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Dubbo Centre Semen Collection is Openq
The new facility is working really well in Dubbo and only minor modifications needed.  For those that are not aware, it is the penning from the CSIRO Armidale Facility that was moved to Dubbo last year. We have increased the collection area.  This is due to the size of the teasers combined with the rams that have been collected over the previous month.  The teaser now has a view. Loading and unloading has worked well and just needs a little more room and some gravel to make the exercise a bit easier.  All animals are being unloaded via a ramp strait up into the shed from the transport they arrived in. Our scales are now at the collection pen which means weighing of animals can happen as part of our daily routine. New Ram Entry protocols have been well received by Clients.  Click here to print animal entry form
Booking an AI Program with Apiam Genetic Servicesq
Booking this years program
Preparing yourself and your animals for an AI or ET program takes time and plenty of forethought but is essential to achieving maximum results. A big step in this preparation is selecting the date for your program and locking it in with us. To ensure you get the date you want contact Apiam Genetic Services as early as possible so that we can book you in. Dates for the breeding season are in high demand and we can't always guarantee you will get the exact date you are chasing but we will do our best to get as close as we can.
To book your program contact
Organising Semen for AIq
Organising the semen requirements for your AI or ET program well in advance is essential to ensure the smooth running of your program. Semen coming from other centres, particularly from interstate, can take a long time to be organised and transported therefore it is extremely important to make sure the semen owner and their nominated breeding centre is well aware of your requirements and time frame.
Once you have determined which sires you want to use and, if required from another breeder, organised purchase and shipment details, you should email us at Once we know your requirements we can follow up your order and ensure everything is in place ready for your team on the day of insemination.