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Embryo Transfer

What is Embryo Transfer?

Embryo Transfer involves the programming of DONORS (the ewes we obtain fertilised embryos from). At the same time, we program RECIPIENTS (the ewes we transfer the fertilised embryos into) with the help of TEASERS (a wether who feels like a ram again) who stimulate ovulation in females.

A typical program commences 3 weeks before the desired embryo transfer day. A series of hormonal injections to the donor ewe encourages multiple ovulations, then 6 days  before ET the ewes are inseminated with fresh or frozen thawed semen. At the same time recipients are programmed in conjunction with the donors to ensure they are synchronised and ready to receive an embryo on the flushing day. It is advisable to program 10 recipient ewes for each donor as typically 5 to 10% are unsuitable to receive an embryo on the day.

Apiam Genetic Services carries out ET both on farm or at their dedicated facility in Dubbo. Embryos can be transferred immediately (“fresh”), or frozen for transfer at a later date. Embryos can also be chilled for a maximum of 24 hours to allow transfer into recipients the following day and/or enable transport to another property for transfer. This provides greater flexibility and convenience for your embryo transfer program.

Why Choose Embryo Transfer?

Embryo transfer is a highly effective means to achieving maximum productivity from your best ewes. This means more superior lambs on the ground in a short space of time. In addition, you can use semen from the best suited sires from anywhere in the world. Incorporating embryo transfer into your breeding program allows rapid entry for a new bloodline or breed while developing a smaller “elite” flock. Rapidly improved productivity and potential for a  rapid increase in profit!

Why Choose the Apiam Genetic Services Method?

Experience, Experience, Experience

Dr David Osborn is a LEADER in the field of Embryo Transfer. With the most experienced operators in Australia (if not the world) you will be pleased all your eggs are in one basket !!!

Embryo transfer requires an experienced and highly skilled operator for maximum results. With poor surgery and “rough” hands, ewes can soon be rendered infertile. Skilled surgery is key to the ongoing fertility of your ewes, either through further ET programs , AI programs or natural mating. Donors can be re-flushed every 6 to 8 weeks providing they remain in suitable condition. Apiam Genetic Services’ veterinarians are highly experienced and dedicated to producing top results for their clients and will always take the greatest of care handling your valuable animals.

All embryos will be assessed by a qualified, experienced embryologist. This will determine which embryos are suitable for transferring into a recipient, or for freezing for transfer at a later date.

An experienced team will also reduce the cost per lamb through better results.

Quotes for ET programs are available on request. Please contact Apiam Genetic Services with details of the number of sheep you wish to inseminate and the approximate time, to receive a written quote providing full details of costs and your AI and ET schedule.

Apiam Genetic Services provides all drugs and consumables for your program. All we need on the day of flushing is a clean, dust-free facility, clean water, access to electricity, and 2 to 3 people to assist with labour.

Book with Apiam Genetic Services and receive a four page summary on “How to Have a Successful Embryo Transfer Program”