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Ear tags Warehouse


Our aim is to make livestock tagging simple, efficient and cost-effective for everyone, and to get you tags that will last in the harsh Australian conditions.

We’re as Australian as a roast on Sunday. We are breeders and exporters from central western NSW with a passion for livestock identification and protection of our international livestock, meat and dairy reputation. We know the rules, we know the products and we have a great relationship with the manufacturers. Our business is to help your business order accurate and reliable ear tags, readers and accessories.

The Ear tags Warehouse was set up by the families behind AllStock (NSW) Pty Ltd. We have a long history working with, and tagging, livestock so we know the issues you face because we have faced them too.

Jane Rindfleish heads the team and developed livestock software in the early 1990s, specialising in livestock identification and production recording, so, when compulsory identification was introduced in Australia she spent a lot of time explaining it to others, planting the seed that grew into the Eartags Warehouse.

Experience working with large and small livestock producers, and as exporters, provides extensive knowledge in the area of compliance. This knowledge, and our industry connections, are a strength.

There is a team of people from across regional Australia behind the Eartags Warehouse success story.  The Eartags Warehouse never outsources jobs that can be done in Australia to overseas, and only employs regionally based team members.   Our new tag ordering system has been completed.  Please order your tags at