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The Merino Lifetime Productivity (MLP) project is now taking sire nominations for the 2017 joining.

Sire owners are encouraged to take advantage of this unique opportunity to have their sires progeny performance evaluated throughout life. Ewe progeny will be retained for annual joining, classing and lifetime assessment. Three (and possibly one more….) sites will join in 2017, “Pingelly” (WA), “MerinoLink” (Temora, NSW) and our newest site, “New England” (Armidale, NSW).

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Dubbo National Ram Sale Clients – All 4 Top

Congratulations to the Kopp family from Towalba  who sold the $30,000 top priced ram at this year’s National Merino ram sale at Dubbo.  Garry looks a bit worried in this photo but it was all smiles when he came back down to earth.  A total of five rams sold to overseas buyers including the second

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Farrer Ram Sale

Farrer On Property Ram Sale

Farrer are once again holding their On Property ram sale.  The Farrer School has been a client of Allstock New South Wales over 15 years.  They consistently achieve excellent artificial breeding results and we enjoy engaging with their students in a learning capacity each year. Farrer’s sale ram 140188 from last years sale has been used

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Prepare your Ram for Semen Collection

 To achieve maximum fertility, rams should be physically examined for reproductive fitness to detect any abnomalities that may limit mating. The scrotum and its contents and the penis and prepuce must be carefully examined. The size and symmetry of both testes and epididymides should be assessed, and both testes should be firmly palpated for consistency and

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Freezing and Storing Semen from my rams

Freezing and Storing Semen from my rams Collection of Semen The artificial vagina is used most commonly for collection of ram semen. It is prepared for collection by the introduction of warm water (40°–55°C) and air between the outer casing and soft inner sleeve, lubrication with non-spermicidal gel in the end where the penis enters,

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Difference Between LAI and Cervical

Difference Between LAI and Cervical Laparoscopic artificial insemination (LAI) involves a minor surgical procedure using a laparoscope with cold light source and an insemination pipette or sheathed insemination gun that deposits the semen directly into the lumen of the uterus. Ewes are programmed or synchronised using a progesterone-based sponge or cidr which halts the natural

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How Smart Farms will change the world

For most of us, livestock and the Internet seem worlds apart – only coming together when it is time to pay bills, update NLIS records or order ear tags from us (you can do that right now here). Little do people know, the Internet of Things (IoT) technology is the best thing since sliced bread.

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China Approved

AllStocks main centre on 1400 acre property at Dubbo NSW has recently been approved for export to China after an inspection by a Chinese delegation. With indoor and outside quarantine areas and separate embryo collection and semen facilities the AllStock centre is arguably the best and one of only a handful of centres around the

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